Dear Dave, 2016
My dear sister Sylvia.."

"In 2002, New York photographer Stacy Renee Morrison..."

9th Annual Jeonju International Photography Festival Catalog, 2016

"Although one understands that the photographic image..."

Handmade Photograph, 2014

"As photographer and photo enthusiasts, many of us are fond of building our personal collections..."

Bristol Phoenix, 2014

"One woman's obsession gives another new life..."

Don/Dean, 2013

"How do you straddle the line between fantasy and reality in photography..."

Mercury Magazine, 2008

"Girl interpreted, In URI exhibition, a photographer pictures a life lived long ago..."

Westerly Sun, 2008

"Bring a Victorian Woman Back to Life..."

The Providence Journal, 2006

"A trunk, a photo, and a family's life revealed..."